Heating & Cooling Safety Tips

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Heating & Cooling Safety Tips

Gas Plus takes safety seriously and so should you. Read through our safety tips and become familiar with some common household safety errors. Be sure to check this list throughout the year as things change and items are moved around your house. For more comprehensive safety knowledge, visit the link below:


Carbon Monoxide Detector

Every home with a gas appliance should have a carbon-monoxide detector on each floor and near (not inside) an attached garage. Test the alarm weekly, change the batteries often, vacuum it monthly, and replace it every five years. If you don’t remember how old the alarm is, look on the back for the manufacture date.

Regular Maintenance

Clean and maintain all heating equipment annually. More than just a filter-change, regular maintenance should involve a comprehensive inspection of all moving parts and lubrication, as well as checks for leaks and excessive wear. The best way to ensure that you’re never left out in the cold is to have professional maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

Clear Vents

Keep outside vents clear. It’s important to check these vents regularly to ensure they are free from snow and ice throughout the winter months and into the spring.


Make sure that combustibles like cardboard or paper are stored far away from any heating appliance.

Hot Water Tanks

Do not put combustible objects or household objects on top of or around hot water tanks or furnaces.

Cat Litter

Do not store kitty-litter boxes anywhere near your furnace. Litter dust can become caked onto your furnace flame sensor and burners, affecting their ability to run properly. Litter dust can also effect air quality, and corrode sheet metal, further damaging your HVAC equipment.


Do not store chemicals, such as solvents, gasoline or paint thinners, around heating or hot water systems. They must be stored in a well-ventilated area, far away from any source of heat or flame.


Have chimneys inspected annually to avoid deterioration.


Do not leave small children unattended around gas fireplaces. The glass on a fireplace is very hot and could cause injury.

Old Equipment

Replace old, unsafe equipment that lacks today’s proper safety shutoffs.