Barbecue Breakout!

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Barbecue Breakout!

It has been an unusual Spring in Canada. With many of us choosing to self-isolate or being forced to quarantine, it hasn’t really felt like winter properly came to a close. But there’s one season that can’t be changed by the weather or a pandemic, and that’s barbecue season! At Gas Plus, we’ve expanded our inventory of grills and accessories to help you break out of your hibernation and start enjoying the outdoors again, (even if it’s only your backyard or patio). From classic gas grills to revolutionary cooking machines, we have fantastic new options that are sure to get you excited. Keep reading for more info on the models we have ready to roll!

Classic Gas Grills

 No barbecue lineup would be complete without the classic gas-powered grill, so we made sure to stock the very best for those looking for a traditional backyard barbecue. That’s why this season, we have a few new models of Saber barbecues, the gold standard of gas grills! Saber grills are built to deliver even heat at every temperature, eliminate flareups and look great while doing it. Depending on the model you choose, you can have up to 3 cooking zones and a side burner as well! Simply put, you can’t go wrong with a Saber.

Saber Gas Barbecue BlackSaber Gas Barbecue Silver Side BurnerSaber Gas Barbecue Silver

Looking for something a little different in a gas grill? Check out the Morso Forno Gas Medio! It’s an odd name, but this Danish manufacturer makes some of the most interesting grills on the market. The Forno Gas Medio is a striking, but simple to use grill with a minimalist, compact design. The cast iron element heats up quickly, so you won’t need much time to wait before you’re ready to get grilling!

Morso Forno Gas Medio Grill

Wood-Fired Pellet Grills

If you’re a fan of real wood-fired barbecue, then you need to take a look at our new models from Green Mountain Grills! These incredible computerized machines run on wood-fired pellets, giving your barbecue a rich, smoky flavour. It’s all connected to a digital controller that maintains the desired level of heat perfectly, so you can time your cook to the second. Best of all, they can even connect to your smart phone, so you can control the settings and keep an eye on your food from afar! Currently we have the full-sized Jim Bowie model and the camping-sized Davy Crocket. No matter how many people you need to feed, we’ve got the right Green Mountain Grill for you!

Green Mountain Grill Jim Bowie

Electric Charcoal Ranges

For many barbecue connoisseurs, there’s nothing better than using real charcoal. The trouble is, charcoal barbecue generally requires a lot of time to set up, clean up and care for. Plus, constantly having to maintain the right level of heat is a major chore. That’s why we’re proud to offer Everdure Electric Charcoal Ranges! These sleek and stylish grills use a fast-flame ignition system, so your charcoal will be at the perfect level of heat within 10 minutes. And with an easy-to-remove charcoal tray, cleaning up is simple! We currently stock the smaller Everdure Fusion that sits on a pedestal, and the much larger Everdure Hub for larger families.

Everdure Electric Charcoal Grill FusionEverdure Electric Charcoal Grill Hub


Yes, you’re reading that correctly. We also have a new grill in stock that’s technically a fireplace! Just take a look at the Le Bol, and you’ll understand why this until leads a double life. The Le Bol is manufactured by Renaissance Fireplaces, but it’s actually a large metal plate that sits on a pedestal over an open fire, giving you 360 degrees of cooking surface. It radiates heat outwards, keeping you warm as you cook, making it perfect for backyard barbecues any time of the year! If you’ve never tried cooking “la plancha”, it’s a truly unique barbecue experience. We guarantee you’ll love it!

Le Bol GrillLe Bol GrillLe Bol Grill

 That’s just a quick look at some of the new outdoor cooking units available at Gas Plus, but there’s a lot more we can do to make your time on the patio more comfortable. We even carry outdoor heaters that give off infra-red heat, which means the warmth is directly applied to surfaces, instead of heating up the air! That way, you can stay comfortable on your patio space earlier in the morning and later into the evening.

Considering the current state of the world, it’s safe to say that we could all stand to spend a little more time outdoors. With a few patio upgrades from Gas Plus, you can stay safe AND enjoy your time outside of the house. For more information on any of the products mentioned, just give us a call or email us at We’re always happy to help!