Case Study – Building A Home Around A New Fireplace

Enviro C721 Linear Gas Fireplace

Case Study – Building A Home Around A New Fireplace

At Gas Plus, we’re no strangers to helping homeowners find the perfect fireplace for their existing space, but on occasion, we get to help plan a brand-new space around the fireplace they’ve always wanted! Planning a large room around a new fireplace is exactly the kind of challenge our team enjoys and we couldn’t be prouder of the results. We thought we’d take this opportunity to walk you through the process from start to finish and show you how we brought this client’s living room dreams to life.

Enviro C721 Linear Gas Fireplace Installation Client House Enviro C721 Linear Gas Fireplace Installation

The Request

When the Redmonds began making plans for the construction of their new home in Owen Sound, they knew they wanted a great room that was elegant, full of warmth and light with a gorgeous fireplace as the focal point. Having worked with our team in the past, the Redmonds visited our showroom first to see our many new fireplace models. Our team helped them assess their wants and needs to pinpoint which models fulfilled their requirements. They expressed a desire for a fireplace that was a conversation piece; something attractive, eye-catching but would not require a great deal of maintenance. While looking through our showroom, the Redmonds and considered many models, there was one fireplace that stood out from the rest and the family agreed it would be the perfect focal point for their great room; the Enviro C721.

The Fireplace

The Enviro C721 is a linear gas fireplace; meaning it is longer than it is tall, stretching across the length of the wall and spreading warmth throughout the room. The Enviro C721 has a heating area of 1,700 square feet and this would work perfectly in this room for proper heat distribution and efficiency.  Linear fireplaces can be more challenging to install because rooms tend to need modifications to suit its unique shape, but since the room was designed with a large fireplace in mind, the installation was less of a challenge. An added bonus with the Enviro C721 is that it comes with customizable screens and burner media, so the Redmond’s can tailor their choice of looks to perfectly suit the mood or style of the room.

Enviro C721 Linear Gas FireplaceEnviro C721 Linear Gas Fireplace 

 The Install

With fireplace selected, our team provided all the necessary specifications and measurements to the builders.  Our team worked closely with the builders to ensure the space was prepped and ready so installation would be as smooth as possible. The new fireplace was delivered, unloaded and moved into the room. Our team made quick work of removing it from the crate, assembling the components and connecting the entire unit to the newly installed gas lines and ventilation.

We were grateful to be able to plan for our install alongside their home builders, because it made the process much simpler for everyone involved. With multiple crews working on a home simultaneously, proper communication and pre-planning are the keys to a worry-free and success installation, not to mention helping to maintain the sanity of the homeowners. Thankfully, all of the crews involved were polite, professional and worked well together to bring the Redmond’s new home to life.

Enviro C721 Linear Gas Fireplace UnboxingEnviro C721 Linear Gas Fireplace Unboxing

Enviro C721 Linear Gas FireplaceEnviro C721 Linear Gas Fireplace 

The Final Look

Since the rest of the home construction took some time to complete, it took a while before we could enjoy the effects of our work. But once we were invited back to take some photos of the completed living room with the fireplace in operation, we were totally blown away by the results. Our fireplace might be the focal point of the new living room, but it really serves to compliment the fantastic work done by the home planners and builders. They designed the room to maximize the effects of the fireplace, creating a comfy, cozy, yet open space that feels warm, light and inviting.

With the new fireplace looking and working perfectly, our team was to recommend and set-up a service and maintenance plan for the Redmonds. Now we’ll be there every season like clockwork to give their fireplace an inspection and tune-up, so it continues to provide warmth and beauty for years to come.

Enviro C721 Linear Gas FireplaceEnviro C721 Linear Gas Fireplace

If you’re interested in a new fireplace, whether you’re building a new home or not, the Gas Plus team is here to help. Our more than 25 years of experience in helping homeowners find the right fireplace for their home is your assurance that you can always count on the Gas Plus team to get the job done right, and on budget. That’s why “It’s Gotta Be Gas Plus!”

If you have any questions about the products used in this project or other products that we carry, please don’t hesitate to visit, email us or give us a call; we’d be more than happy to help!