Top 5 Reasons to Always Hire A Licenced Electrician

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Top 5 Reasons to Always Hire A Licenced Electrician

When you’re a self-starting, ‘do it yourself’ kind of homeowner, it’s easy to assume you can handle any task with enough research. But when it comes it electrical work, there is no amount of DIY knowledge or ingenuity that can replace the work of a properly licenced electrician. While you may think you’re saving time and money handling the job yourself, unlicensed work is actually more likely to result in the opposite. Licensed technicians are often called to repair and improve the results of “I can do it myself” electrical work, so we recommend always calling a professional. If you’re still not convinced, then maybe these 5 reasons why you should ALWAYS call a Licensed Electrician may help change your mind.


1) They’ll Get the Job Done Right

With enough time and research, most people may be capable of completing simple electrical tasks, but there’s a difference between doing the job, and doing it right. You may be able to screw in a new light switch, but can you be sure that it’s grounded and insulated properly, or are you just “pretty sure”? Licensed electricians go through rigorous training to ensure they have the experience and skills needed to complete every project properly. Unlicensed electricians and “do it yourselfers” are simply more likely to make a mistake, and it may not always be an inexpensive fix. At Gas Plus, our electricians are licenced and insured, so you can call us with 100% confidence that your job will be done the right way every time.


2) They Know the Risks

Electrical work is dangerous, but it can be even more perilous if you don’t understand the risks involved. A licenced electrician has the experience to follow safety guidelines properly and recognize every potential danger of the job. Aside from the immediate risk of electric shock, doing haphazard work could lead to a power surge or even a fire; today, tomorrow, or a year from now. Since those kinds of mistakes aren’t covered by insurance, the cost of repairs will be on you. There’s just no sense in risking the safety of your entire household when you can call in a professional.


3) They Have the Right Tools for the Job

You may think you or a friend can handle performing simple electrical changes or upgrades, but are you sure you’re properly equipped for the work?  Will you need to run out in the middle of the job for necessary tools or parts? Professional electricians know exactly what tools are needed to complete every task safely and properly, so there’s never any guess work. A Licensed Electrician will have every tool at their disposal to complete your task professionally, so you can expect them to arrive equipped and ready for whatever the job requires.


4) They will save you time and money

When most homeowners choose to handle electrical issues on their own, it’s in the hopes of saving time and money. In reality, the opposite is more likely to be true. If you end up using the wrong materials, or making a mistake in your DIY work, you may end up having to call in the professionals anyway, taking up more time and resources. When you take on a big task yourself without any training, it’s a lot harder to estimate how long the job will take and what it will end up costing, so stick with a professional who can provide those important insights.


5) Their work is guaranteed

Most importantly, the work of a licenced electrician is insured and guaranteed, whereas your handywork is not. Professional Electricians work hard to stay compliant with safety regulations, undergo extensive training to maintain their licences, and have liability insurance in place in the event of an accident. There is just no way to be certain that unlicenced work is done correctly, so your insurance company may not cover it without the correct licences and permits in place. Why put your home and family at risk? Trust your electrical work to a professional.

Gas Plus Electrical Graphic 2So, the next time you’re faced with an electrical challenge, call Gas Plus! Our licenced electricians are here to handle virtually any electrical need, and you can trust they’ll do it properly and efficiently. When it comes to electricity, there are just too many risks involved to call your buddy with a toolbox. Leave the dangerous work to the professionals at Gas Plus, and you can rest easy knowing the job has been done right, on time, and on budget. We guarantee it!