It’s Gotta Be Gas

It’s Gotta Be Gas

If you’re looking to add beauty and warmth to your home, a gas fireplace or stove is a fantastic option. But did you know that the right model can actually help you save on your home energy costs? Many home owners simply adjust the thermostat day-to-day, raising or lowering the temperature of their entire home. While this may keep them comfortable, it also means the furnace is constantly pushing heat into every room, including those they may not be using as frequently.

With a new gas fireplace installed in the area you use the most, you’ll have plenty of direct heat right where you need it. That means less wear and tear on your furnace, a lower cost on your monthly energy bill AND a beautiful new accent piece for your home. At Gas Plus, we’re firm believers in energy conservation, which is why we offer a wide number of highly efficient gas-powered home heating options. Let us show you the possibilities, and we’re sure you’ll agree with our motto. ‘It’s Gotta Be Gas!’


Gas Fireplaces

For the traditional fireplace experience without any of the legwork, a gas fireplace is a great choice. We have free-standing and wall-hung models that can provide all the comfort you need at the push of a button. No chopping or storing wood, no stoking the fire, no harmful emissions; just reliable, clean burning heat on demand.

Our gas fireplaces run on your building’s natural gas or propane lines, so our expert technicians can install them in virtually any home or cottage. No chimney? No problem! We have direct vent and vent-less models available to give you the optimal fireplace experience whether you have an existing chimney or not.  Best of all, our gas fireplaces achieve some of the highest heat rating efficiencies on the market.


Gas Inserts

If you’re looking for a stylish way to warm your home without the need for a full fireplace install, take a look at our gas inserts. We have plenty of attractive designs to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find the right one to match your taste and space.

For homes that suffer from drafty masonry or an inefficient zero clearance fireplace, a gas insert is a wonderful way to improve your space. They’re the ideal blend of easy installation, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and stunning design that makes them an ideal upgrade for your home or cottage.


Gas Stoves

When it comes to classic charm, nothing beats a gas-burning stove. The timeless design of these free-standing units speak for themselves, and while they may look old-world, they’re surprisingly high-tech. Modern stoves are designed for minimal heat escape, so you won’t have to worry about losing energy through your masonry or chimney. Not to mention, the heat distribution of gas stoves is second to none. With the flip of a switch, your room will be quickly and efficiently filled with incredible warmth, making it a great option as a supplemental home heating unit.

Compared to their wood-burning counterparts, gas stoves take a lot less work to maintain and provide remarkably energy efficient heat. Between the energy savings and visual appeal, these units have become a very popular option for homes and cottages in recent years.


If you want to reduce your energy bills and upgrade your home in a big way, give us a call at Gas Plus! We have a gas fireplace or stove option to suit your home, along with expert knowledge to help guide you to the right choice. And with our licensed technicians handling installation and maintenance, you’ll be enjoying those energy savings for many years to come. If you ever have any questions about gas fireplaces, our team is always here to help. Give us a call or come into our showroom. Simply put, if it’s gonna be gas, it’s gotta be Gas Plus!