Get Grilling with Gas Plus!

Get Grilling with Gas Plus!

The best season of the year is finally in full swing…grilling season! If you’re anything like our team, there’s nothing you love more than fresh food, hot off the grill. That’s why we’re so proud of the exciting new selection of barbecues that just arrived at our showroom. Whether you’re looking for a classic gas grilling experience, or something more unique like charcoal or wood-fired pellet grills, we’re serving up some of the best models on the market today. So if you’re dreaming about your first grill, or just an upgrade for ‘old faithful’, Gas Plus has exactly what you need to get grilling!

Saber Gas Grills

For many barbecue enthusiasts, you simply can’t beat a traditional gas-powered grill. That’s why we’ve stocked up on the best gas models around, Saber Grills! These marvellous barbecues are some the most popular on the market for their elegant design and stainless steel finish, but what’s really important is how well they cook! We always recommend Sabers for their superior heat distribution over any other feature.

No matter what temperature you’re using, Saber grills deliver even heat and supress flare-ups, resulting in perfectly cooked food. And with optional features like multiple cooking zones and side burners, there’s a model to suit every taste and budget. Try one out for yourself, and you’ll see why Saber is the gold standard for gas grills!


Green Mountain Grills

Have you ever tried wood-fired barbecue before? Many people prefer the rich, smoky flavour of wood-fired food, but cooking over an open flame can be difficult to manage. That’s why we’re so proud to offer pellet-burning Green Mountain Grills!

These barbecues are surprisingly technologically advanced, using an on-board computer to monitor and control the burn of your wood pellets. Just put your favourite flavour of pellets into the hopper, set the temperature, and then let your Green Mountain Grill take over while you monitor the cook from your smart phone. Green Mountain Grills come in a number of sizes, including the compact, campsite-ready Davy Crocket, so we have a model that suits every need. We also carry a whole line of natural Lumber Jack Pellets with no artificial additives to give you plenty of smoky flavour options. It’s easy to see why Green Mountain Grills are one of the most popular barbecues on the market today!


Everdure Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills offer some of the best-tasting barbecue around, but setting up, cleaning up and maintaining them can be a finicky, time consuming process. But with one of our Everdure Electric Charcoal grills, you get all of the flavour without any of the work! These impressive machines have a quick-fire ignition system that will give you the perfect charcoal within 10 minutes, and then maintains and evenly distributes the heat while you cook. After your meal is grilled to perfection, the simple, removable charcoal tray makes clean up a breeze.

Everdure charcoal grills can be intimidating to those accustomed to gas models, but their ease of use and phenomenal flavour have been winning over traditionalists since they first hit the market. We have a number of sizes and styles available, so let us know if you’d like to try electric charcoal for yourself.


Icon Grills

Finally, we have one of the most unique barbecue brands around, Icon grills! These cutting-edge barbecues are actually Kamado-style smoker/grill combos, giving you multiple ways to enjoy your favourite foods. Icon has taken the classic ceramic Kamado design and refined it to perfection, using controlled air vents to circulate the heat for an even, convection-powered cook. And with a quick-change gas insert available, you can easily switch between charcoal and gas to compliment your food and mood! Beautiful, versatile, and easy to assemble, Icon grills are a great choice if you’re looking to improve your grilling game in a big way.

Do we have you dreaming about mouth-watering barbecue yet? That juicy burger and crispy corn on the cob is a lot closer than you think! Just give us a call at Gas Plus, and we’ll be happy to go over all the options to find your ideal cooking system. Summer grilling is going to be bigger this year than ever before, and orders have already started flooding in. Make sure to place yours early to avoid the rush! And don’t forget, we also have a huge assortment of grilling accessories, from tongs, scrubbers and trays to sauces, dry rubs and pizza stones…so we have even more ways to take your cookout to the next level. Remember, if it’s gotta be grilled, it’s gotta be Gas Plus!