Get Ready for Fall

Get Ready for Fall

Your air conditioner isn’t ready for winter hibernation just yet.

You may think just because fall is here that the blistering hot days of summer are done. Sure, the days and nights

are cooler than they were a week or two ago, but on any day the temperature can still rise high enough to make

your home uncomfortably warm. When that happens, the last thing you want is to put unnecessary strain on

your air conditioner. So, here are a few easy tips to keep your home comfortably cool this fall without causing a

spike in your energy bill.



Don’t turn off your air conditioner too early in fall. While you may think you’re saving money by only

operating your AC unit on the warm days, you’re actually forcing it to work harder than it should. This added

strain can actually lead to system failures in the future. Your best bet for prolonging the life of your AC unit,

while also saving money on your energy bill, is to maintain a consistent internal temperature throughout the

fall. This leads right into the second tip …



Adjust the temperature to the season. 20-22 degrees Celsius is what most people consider comfortable

room temperature. But, raising your thermostat setting by only two degrees in the fall can make a noticeable

difference in energy savings and for the life of your air conditioning unit. By making the inside of your home

a little closer to the outside temperature, your system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable

setting. Speaking of thermostat settings …



Automate your thermostat. Don’t rush to turn on your system with every spike in temperature outside. Set

your thermostat to automatically switch on the air conditioning. Your unit will run more efficiently this way.

And, while we’re on the subject of efficient operations …



Maintain your outdoor unit. It’s a beautiful sight when the leaves change to ochre and oranges, but it’s not

a good sight when the leaves fall and collect around your air conditioner. Wind-blown debris piled against

units can restrict airflow and put unwanted strain on its operation. Keeping the area around your unit clear is

a simple way to help prevent strain or even a failure. Speaking of air flow …



Help your AC by using fans. Ceiling fans, or a single floor model placed in a strategic place, moves cool air

throughout your home, maximizing your air conditioner’s reach. It’s a simple addition to any home cooling

strategy, especially during this seasonal transition.


We hope these tips help. Soon it will be time to discuss heating your home. Don’t wait. Contact us today to make

certain you’re ready.