Things to Know About Electric Space Heaters

Things to Know About Electric Space Heaters

Sometimes there’s a room that just doesn’t get the amount of heat you’d like it to. This is especially true for some

older heritage homes. Gas Plus has many solutions to address this. For example, one simple and cost-effective

way is to use electric space heaters. However, before you plug one in, there are some handy safety tips and

considerations you should know about.

1. Safety first

Be certain to install and maintain smoke detectors on every level of your home before using a space heater.

Also, check the space heater model to ensure there is an automatic shut off in the event of the heater falling

over. Many models come with overheat sensors, as well. Another consideration is to make certain the heater

has an adequate grill to prevent fingers from reaching the heating element inside. Lastly, look for safety

certification stickers from an organization such as the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

2. Electric heaters don’t emit harmful gases

Fuel-burning space heaters need maximum ventilation so your family is not exposed to carbon monoxide or

other harmful gases. Electric space heaters are an easy, cost-effective and safer option to add warmth to your

home without the addition of noxious byproducts.

3. Give space heaters some space

Position your space heater away from walls, furniture and especially beds. Pay special attention to things

such as drapes, shag carpets, bedding and nearby clothing that potentially could catch fire. Also, be mindful

of foot-traffic in rooms with space heaters. You don’t want them in a place where they become a tripping

hazard. If using a space heater in a bathroom, be sure to only operate one that is model specific for use

around water.

4. Don’t leave your space heater alone

Space heaters should never be left unattended, especially while you are sleeping. An unmonitored space

heater may have trouble regulating room temperature after being in use for an extended period. This puts a

strain on the unit and may cause a fire in extreme circumstances. Also, if you aren’t monitoring the heater

you can never be certain what has accidentally come in contact with it. Not only is it possible for children

and pets to harm themselves on an unattended space heater, there is the potential for them to trip over the

cord or to accidentally move flammable objects closer to the unit.

5. Extension cords extend some risks

Whenever possible, plug space heaters directly into wall outlets. Extension cords may be handy, but they can

increase the chances of starting a fire. Cords also make for unnecessary tripping hazards and could topple

small space heaters if tangled underfoot.


When used properly, space heaters are simple, safe and effective machines that generate electric heat exactly

where you need it. Gas Plus carries a number of space heater options in various sizes from top names like Empire

and Modine. We have space heaters perfectly suited for nearly every room in your home, garage or workshop.

Contact us today to get the model best suited for your home and needs.