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BBQs, Grills, Smokers & Outdoor Kitchens

From quality barbecues and grills to luxury outdoor kitchens, Gas Plus is proud to introduce a new line of products for your outdoor spaces. Stainless steel gas and propane barbecues, wood-fired pellet grills, gas smokers and charcoal grills are the future of outdoor cooking, and Gas Plus is your source for these premier products. Visit our showroom to learn more about the type of cooking system that would work best for you, or browse through our stylish lineup of quality barbecues. 

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BBQs & Outdoor Kitchens

We're excited to offer SABER grills, which use a proprietary cooking system that’s so advanced you can actually taste the difference. It keeps meat naturally juicy and tender, even when cooked medium or well done. Their exclusive and patented cooking system generates infrared heat, which unlike convection heat used by traditional gas grills, directs airflow away from the cooking surface locking in the food’s natural moisture.

Kamado Grill & Smoker

Icon Grills has crafted a classic kamado-style smoker and grill with an elegant, unique finish. Whether it’s the incredible flavor of charcoal or the convenience of propane gas, these grills can accommodate what you need. We offer portable, compact designs all the way up to an impressive, full-sized grill for family cooking.

Open Fire Grills

Introducing the 'Le Bol' by Renaissance Fireplaces. This unique grill is actually a metal plate that rests over an open wood fire, la plancha-style. It’s designed to stay outside so you can cook all year long on the unique round cooking surface, because it radiates heat to keep you warm as well. It’s a social cooking experience like no other, and the smoky barbecue taste is among the best.

Wood-Fired Pellet Grills

Fancy yourself a true pitmaster? Not until you've tried the authentic experience of a wood-fired pellet burning grill. This advanced system from Green Mountain Grills creates the ultimate wood-burning fire, circulating pure hardwood smoke throughout the grill. Smart Control through an app on your phone brings modern convenience to a traditional and tasty experience.

Charcoal Grills

With the Fast Flame Ignition System, featuring an electric element, you can get your charcoal burning at just the right temperature in just 10 minutes. Add that to the beauty of this Everdure Hub Charcoal Grill and you'll be the envy of all your neighbours.

Safety is a priority for us, and should be for you too. Check out our safety tips.