Modern furnaces are designed to be more energy efficient than those made 10 to 15 years ago. If your furnace is 20 years old, it’s probably only operating at a 65% efficiency rating, resulting in higher energy costs. Gas Plus is able to assess the efficiency of your existing furnace and estimate the typical savings you’d have with a modern replacement. We can also determine if your existing furnace is the right size for your home. Renovations that add new rooms or expand living space into attics and basements often change the effectiveness of your furnace.

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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps absorb heat from outside and transfer it into your home, as opposed to space heaters which generate heat through electricity. The pump moves refrigerant in a constant cycle, pulling in heat from the ground, and moving it inside. Heat pumps can deliver up to four times the heat for the energy they consume!

Ductless Heat Pumps

No duct work? No problem! Ductless Heat Pumps are the ideal solution if your home doesn’t have an existing duct system. Ductless heat pumps are simple, small wall-mounted units that quietly maintain your comfort without cluttering your space. Gas Plus can easily install and maintain your ductless heat pump for ideal performance.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are simple, yet effective machines that generate electric heat exactly where you need it, whether it be a large or small space. Gas Plus carries a number of space heater options in various sizes from top names like Empire and Modine. We have space heaters perfectly suited for nearly every room in your home, garage or workshop.


New Homes

Choosing the right heating system for your new home requires more than guesswork. Using your building plans, our experienced installers can estimate your heat requirements and help select the right furnace to match your needs. Don’t forget, there’s more to heating than just the furnace. Heat travels along air ducts that need to be properly installed. An incorrect installation will result in inadequate heating and higher fuel consumption costs.



A furnace can be more than just a source of heat. Although the primary purpose is to keep you warm, modern units can also control humidity. Excessive dryness in your home is bad for furniture and bad for your health. Optimum humidity reduces static and makes it easier to breathe. The most sophisticated units actually adjust interior levels to outside temperatures.



Newer furnace designs have pushed efficiency ratings to as much as 98.3%, which can result in significant fuel savings over the average 20-year life span. An important development in recent years is the introduction of dual-stage models. Single-stage furnaces always operate at peak capacity, whereas dual-stage models operate at lower-output levels when less heat is required; typically in the spring and fall. This results in more stable indoor temperatures and a reduction in fuel costs.



Older furnaces are notorious for carbon monoxide emissions and similar problems. Worn parts can break down, leaving you without heat in cold weather. Using specialized test equipment, Gas Plus can identify these problems and make the necessary repairs or suggest the right replacement furnace.

Safety is a priority for us, and should be for you too. Check out our safety tips.