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Save on new home comfort appliances through rebate programs offered by government and private sectors. The Government of Ontario is working to improve its energy sector, and the affordability of energy to its citizens. Take advantage of these rebates to help improve you energy bills today.

GreenON: Green Ontario Fund Rebate

GreenON rebate

Take advantage of Ontario programs and rebates to reduce your energy costs and fight climate change. Receive up to $5,800 to install or replace an air-source heat pump in your home.

For homes with existing ductwork:

  • ENERGY STAR® Cold Climate Ducted Air-Source Heat Pump $5,500

For homes without existing ductwork:

  • ENERGY STAR® Cold Climate Ductless Multiport $3,000 plus $400 for each additional interior unit, up to a maximum of $5,800

Union Gas Home Reno Rebate

Union Gas Home Reno Rebate

Union Gas in partnership with The Government of Ontario has created ‘The Home Reno Rebate’ to help homeowners save energy, save money and increase the value of their homes. The program awards homeowners with rebates of up to $5000 for improvements to their heating, cooling and water heating systems. These improvements could also see your home energy bill reduced by up to 20% every year. 


Save on Energy: Heating and Cooling Program

OPA Rebate

A number of rebates are available through the ‘Save On Energy’ program for those looking to upgrade their home heating or cooling systems. With the purchase of a high-efficiency propane or natural gas furnace, you’re eligible for a rebate of $250. There are additional rebates available; call Gas Plus today for the details.

Save on appliances and maintenance


Gas Plus offers appliance, maintenance and service specials throughout the year to help you save! Check back often or call Gas Plus to find out what our latest specials and promotions are.

Maintenance & Service Specials

General Maintenance offer

Enercare Promotions

Enercare promo
Enercare promotion
Discounted appliances


Gas Plus displays products in our Owen Sound showroom to help you better decide what works for your home. We occasionally put our showroom demos up for sale at discounted prices. Demo offers come and go quickly, please check often for future deals.

Fireplace Demos

There are no demos available at this time.